Would you like to volunteer to make someone’s Oneday come true?

There are many ways you can get involved and volunteer at Oneday Dreams. You may be interested in volunteering in one of the following areas: dream fulfillment, special events, or administrative support. You may also be interested in joining our Board of Directors or a Board Subcommittee. We can help align you with a volunteer position that matches whatever you’re passionate about! Our volunteers are an essential part of Oneday Dreams; we would not be able to fulfill amazing, meaningful dreams without generous people like you!

Please complete the following Volunteer Application Form and return to info@onedaydreams.ca, or contact us for more information!



Other Ways to Get Involved

Many people understand how comforting and magical the joy of a dream coming true can be for those facing the end of their lives. There are even more ways to get involved than what we listed above.

Run Your Own Fundraiser!

Gather some friends, colleagues, neighbours, or community members and create fundraisers. Here are a few ideas:

  • Hold a sale – bake sale, yard sale, or even a lemonade stand
  • Run a car wash
  • Hold a sports tournament (like volleyball or golf) or a fitness class (spin classes or stair challenges, for example) and raise money with registration fees, raffles, or sponsorship
  • Gather some local artists (slam poets, musical performers) and put on a show and raise money through ticket sales

Run a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook will guide you step-by-step through the quick and easy process of setting up your own fundraiser here. You can even run a Birthday Fundraiser, where you can dedicate your birthday to raising money for a cause.

For the “Why are you raising money?”, along with anything personal you want to share about why you want people to donate to Oneday Dreams, you can copy the following:

Oneday Dreams is one of the largest national organizations that fulfills dreams for terminally-ill adults and their loved ones across Canada. Please give what you can and help make someone’s Oneday, today!

Inspire Your Workplace to Support Oneday Dreams!

Oneday Dreams is always exploring opportunities to partner with workplaces (see our Partners Page for more information). Talk to your colleagues about Oneday Dreams and ask your human resources or charitable giving department to learn more about what your workplace does – or even suggest they start a program!

Planning Your Own Fundraiser?

Feel free to get in touch so we can help make it a success!

Email info@onedaydreams.ca

Share Your Story!

Whatever it is you decide to do, tell us and everyone else! Take photos of your fundraisers and share them and/or make a post on your social media channels and tag us so we can share and inspire others to raise funds for Oneday Dreams!

Our social media handles are:

Facebook – @onedaydreamsca

Instagram – @onedaydreamsca

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